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Get started with the COM extension for Windows

Download and install the COM extension

Use the Adyen test card numbers to test your integration.

  1. Log in to the  Customer Area (CA):

  2. Go to In-person payments > Release overview 

    You need to request access to these sections by emailing Adyen support.

  3. Select Libraries.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Links to the library packages are listed underneath the release notes. 

  5. Download the library files including the COM .bat and .exe files.

  6. Copy the files to the directory where you want to store and run them.

    Run all included files as an administrator.

After registering the COM extension for Windows, the executable creates Adyen POS objects in the application directory.

Moving the COM extension for Windows after registration can cause a failure and requires a re-registration.

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