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Set cash register application details

After registration, set the name of the cash register and integrator using SetApplicationDetails.

POS Object

Name Description
POS POS object that represents the cash register application.


Name Description
SetApplicationDetails Provides the C library with information about the cash register. This allows merchants to quickly find data in the Adyen portal and aids troubleshooting. 






Identifying name for the cash register application.Format this value like so: Cash register company and product / Cash register product version / Adyen integration name / Adyen integration version. For example,  Acme Corp POS / 1.2.1 / Acme Adyen connector / 0.1 




Identifying name for the integrator.This value should be the name of the company deploying cash register or Point-of-Sale solution, for example,  Retail Consultancy Corp.

Set the application details once, after the cash register starts.