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Create a recurring contract

Set up a recurring contract to link payment details to a unique shopper for future payments.

We are discontinuing classic libraries. If you are currently using a classic library, you need to migrate to Terminal API.
Don't build a new integration with a classic library.

Create a recurring contract by passing tender options in the initial transaction:

  1. Send additional parameters as tender options on the initial transaction. These additional parameters are: 




    The type of usage desired in the future for the Card Details to be stored in the recurring contract. Only in combination with shopperReference.Contact Adyen for configuration of your account for recurring usage. 


    A unique reference to the shopper as generated by the merchant. Only in combination with recurringContract

  2. A recurring contract is created after a successful transaction which can also be a zero value transaction. 

    For recurring details to be returned a special configuration is needed on the Adyen payments platform, contact Support Team for details.

Zero value auth has limited BIN support. If the issuer does not support a zero value auth, the shopper's card can be charged with the lowest amount possible and refunded later.