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Handle signatures

We are discontinuing classic libraries. If you are currently using a classic library, you need to migrate to Terminal API.
Don't build a new integration with a classic library.

Signature handling is required for all POS deployments. The cash register therefore needs to provide support for the process.

Flow options:

There are three options to control this flow:

  1. The signature is placed on the terminal via the touchscreen. 

    1. The customer signs on the terminal touchscreen (for terminal models with an available touchscreen, for example VX690, VX820, etc.) 
    2. The image is provided to the cash register by the Adyen library and sent to the Adyen CA. The cash register App in turn should provide this image to in-store staff for verification.
  2. The signature is placed on the cash register.

    • Used typically for tablets in combination with a small terminal without a printer and touchscreen. The signature is captured by the cash register App and the image should be provided to the Adyen library where it is sent to the Adyen CA.
  3. The signature is placed on a physical receipt.

    • This is a legacy flow, used if  the cash register or terminal do not have an integrated touchscreen. The shopper signs a physical receipt (Merchant copy), printed by either the terminal or the cash register. The cash register then confirms to the Adyen library that the signature is accepted and the transaction can proceed. Signatures performed on the PED are available in the Adyen CA and do not need to be stored separately.

Point array (3BA/4BA) signatures are supported by our terminals and integrations. This feature is enabled on your account by Support Team. Your terminal must be on a compatible firmware version that supports 3BA/4BA signatures.