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Handle the Signature callback





When the system requires a signature, the PED displays the relevant data and the shopper can sign on the touch screen. The system invokes the tenderCheckSignatureCallback to allow the store assistant to accept or decline the signature.

Trigger this callback by creating a tender with the tenderOption receiptHandler.

Callback Response Attributes

Name Description
additionalData Adyen returns the additionalData object, a generic container that can hold extra response fields
tenderReference Reference the PED provides for the transaction, used in reporting on the Adyen payments platform.
tenderState Transaction state
adyenResult Transaction result details

Confirmation Method

Name Description
confirmCheckSignature This method runs against the tender object. Staff must verify the signature, and confirm or reject it.


Name Type Required Description
tender Tender -white_check_mark- Use this as a key to confirm additional data.
attendentAction com.adyen.jni.clib.AdyenPed.AttendantAction -white_check_mark- Indicates the action to be taken.

Determine the current and final tender state

Adyen provides a method to determine the current, or final, tender state. For more information, see Determine the current and final tender state - JNI.