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Network configuration

Configure your network to register your cash register application with Adyen.

We are discontinuing classic libraries. If you are currently using a classic library, you need to migrate to Terminal API.
Don't build a new integration with a classic library.

In a classic library integration, the library enables communication between your cash register application, your PED, and the Adyen payments platform. In this communication flow, the PED expects to receive a token from the cash register application, as proof that the app can be trusted. To enable this, you need to do a one-time registration where you connect the cash register app with Adyen and obtain the token. You also need to register the PED with Adyen.

On this page we describe how to ensure your network is able to reach Adyen.

Configure your network

Ensure your network can reach Adyen:

  1. Add Adyen's domains to your firewall's allowlist.
    Configure your firewall to allow outgoing HTTPS traffic from the IP addresses of your cash registers and PEDs to:

    • *
    • *

    Allowlisting should be based on the DNS name of these URLs. Your firewall should dynamically check for IP address updates, at least every 60 seconds.

    Do not hard-code Adyen's IP addresses, because these can change over time. We do not share a list of our IP addresses publicly.

  2. Open the ports:
    • tcp/443 to the internet.
    • tcp/8443 on your LAN.

Registration instructions

In Use case: Registration we describe an example registration flow. The exact steps depend on your application, so see your cash register documentation.

From our side, we provide different calls and callbacks to use when registering the cash register and the PED, depending on the library you're using:

Library Registration calls
Java Native Interface integration Cash register PED
COM extension for Windows integration Cash register PED
C library integration Cash register PED
Android integration Cash register PED