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Run hardware tests

On the terminal, check the state of its hardware components.

On the payment terminal, you can run tests to verify the state of the:

  • Chip card reader.
  • Magnetic swipe reader.
  • Keypad (on terminal models that have a physical keypad).

When you start a test, the display shows instructions and animated illustrations to explain how to carry out the test (see the example). Test results are added to the terminal log.

This feature is available on the following terminal models:

  • P400 Plus
  • V400m

Test the terminal hardware

  1. On the payment terminal, go to the Hardware diagnostics menu by selecting the star key and then Confirm .

  2. Select the test that you want to run.

    A green or red circle shown next to a test indicates the result of the previous time that the test was carried out.

  3. Select the arrow to start the test.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to carry out the test.

    If the terminal becomes unresponsive during the test, select the Report issue button. This logs the issue on the terminal, stops the test, and shows the menu again.

    The display shows the test result and returns to the menu.

  5. In the Hardware diagnostics menu, check the result icon that appears next to the name of the test:
    • A green circle indicates the hardware component is fine.
    • A red circle indicates the test failed.
      If you are sure that you carried out the test correctly, report the failed hardware test to our POS Support Team.

Example test run

The following animation shows testing the chip card reader.

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