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Display data on the terminal

Make a display request to show data on the terminal display outside of the payment flow.

A display request allows you to show information on the display of the payment terminal outside of a payment flow. You can:

  • Show a QR code that the shopper can scan with their mobile device. For example, a QR code with the URL to join your loyalty program or to download an app.
  • On a terminal with a wide display, let the shopper preview a virtual receipt of the items they are purchasing. You can also show a QR code next to the receipt lines.
  • Engage shoppers by showing an image, such as an advertisement or an offer generated by the cash register.
  • Force the terminal to show the regular standby or 'idle' screen.

Here are some examples: a QR code on a narrow terminal display, and a virtual receipt on a wide terminal display.


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