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Show an image on the terminal

Engage your shoppers by showing an ad or other image on the display of the payment terminal.

Showing an image on the display of your payment terminal allows you to engage with shoppers for marketing and loyalty purposes. For example, you could show an advertisement, or a special offer that's generated by the cash register.

The image can be a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP file converted to Base64.

A request to show an image doesn't time out. After you send the request, the image will remain visible on the display until you send another request. For example, to stop showing the image you can send a request to idle the display.


The image received on the terminal is never executed or stored. It is only decoded to be shown on the display.

Make a display request for an image

  1. Convert a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP image file to Base64.

  2. Make a POST request to a Terminal API endpoint, specifying:

    • DisplayRequest.DisplayOutput : An array with one array item containing:

      Parameter Description
      Device CustomerDisplay
      InfoQualify Display
      OutputContent.OutputFormat MessageRef
      OutputContent.PredefinedContent.ReferenceID Image
      OutputContent.OutputText An array with a Text parameter containing the image as a Base64-encoded string.

    If an error occurs when decoding the image, it is not shown.
    If the request is successful, you receive a display response with:

    • OutputResult.Response.Result: Success
        "SaleToPOIResponse": {
            "DisplayResponse": {
                "OutputResult": [
                        "Device": "CustomerDisplay",
                        "InfoQualify": "Display",
                        "Response": {
                            "Result": "Success"
            "MessageHeader": {...}

    The image continues to be shown on the display until you send another request.

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