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Configure payment features

Configure your account for the features you want to use.

Our Terminal API and payment terminals support many features beyond the basic transactions of making, refunding, and cancelling payments. Some features require additional configuration, either by you or by our POS Support team.

Enable Terminal API

Before you can use Terminal API, you need to enable it:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Point of sale > Terminal settings and select Integrations.
  3. Select the option to Enable Terminal API.
  4. Select Save.

Configure features

Here we show an overview of the payment and terminal features that need to be configured before you can use them.

Feature Description Action
3G/4G connectivity Use 3G or 4G fallback when the network connection fails (available on some terminal models). Contact POS support to activate the SIM card of the terminal.
Beacons Use beacons to let your mobile cash register connect to the nearest terminal. Configure this in your Customer Area. See Set up beacons.
Cashback and cash out Enable shoppers with an EFTPOS card to obtain cash from their account. Contact POS Support to enable this.
Currency conversion (DCC) Give shoppers from abroad the choice to pay in their own currency. Contact POS support to enable this.
Delayed capture Delay capturing payments so you have time to cancel if necessary. Configure this in your Customer Area. See Set up delayed capture.
Location Set the language and time zone for your payment terminals. In your Customer Area go to Point of sale > Terminal settings for your merchant account or select a specific terminal, then select Settings and complete the Location settings.
Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Make card-not-present transactions from the terminal, with or without Address Verification System (AVS) check. Refer to Enable MOTO and AVS
Manual capture Capture payments with a separate API call instead of automatically. Configure this in your Customer Area. See Enable manual capture.
Manual keyed entry (MKE) Enter card details manually when other methods fail. Enable MKE and set a maximum amount.
Offline transactions Continue accepting payments when the internet connection is down. Contact POS Support and provide them with the information outlined in Enable offline payments.
Pay at table Initiate transactions from the terminal, to accept payments on the spot. In your Customer Area, enable and define 'Sale wake up' notifications.
Payment methods Accept local credit or debit cards, wallets, or gift cards in addition to the payments methods we support out-of-the-box (global credit cards and Maestro). Add payment methods to your account.
Pre-authorisation Pre-authorise a payment, adjust the authorised amount, and capture the payment. Optionally contact POS Support to enable synchronous authorisation adjustment.
Refunds, unreferenced Return any amount to any card presented to the terminal, without reference to a previous transaction.

Set a delay so you have time to cancel an unreferenced refund if necessary.

Contact POS Support to enable unreferenced refunds and optinally set a refund delay.
Shopper recognition Link payment details to a shopper, to gain shopper insights and personalize the shopping experience. Enable receiving shopper identifiers.
Tax free shopping Enable international customers to obtain a sales tax/VAT refund. For the fast tax free refund flow, contact POS Support to configure a Send card number to <TFS provider> notification.
Tipping Enable customers to add a gratuity to the bill. For tipping from the terminal you may need to contact POS Support and/or define tipping options.
Tokenization Create a token for the shopper's payment details, for recurring online payments. Enable receiving shopper identifiers.

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