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Legacy release notes

Old release notes for Engage terminals

Here you can find information about legacy releases for the following Verifone Engage payment terminals:

  • e280m
  • e285p
  • e285
  • M400
  • P400 Plus
  • UX300
  • UX410
  • V240m Plus
  • V400c Plus
  • V400m

Your terminals should not be more than six versions behind the latest release.

If your terminal is on one of the following versions, you must update to a recent version.

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Release notes for legacy eVo terminals

Here you can find the release notes for legacy payment terminals from the Verifone eVo family:

  • e315
  • e355
  • MX925
  • VX675
  • VX680
  • VX690
  • VX820
  • VX820 Duet

Refer to Deprecation of eVo terminals.
If you are still using eVo terminals, they must be on version V1.50 (or for MX925: V.46p8).

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