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Debit and credit cards

Our payment terminals are able to accept credit and debit cards from the following card schemes:

Global Credit Global Debit Local Debit
Mastercard Mastercard Bancontact
Visa Visa Bankaxept
American Express Maestro Dankort
Discover/Diners   eftpos
China Union Pay   Interac

Not all of these cards are available in all regions. See our full Payment Methods offering for Point of Sale for detailed information.

Card entry

Perform card entry on your terminals using either magnetic swipe reader (MSR), EMV chip or contactless via NFC. All card entry methods are supported without additional integration.

If all card entry methods fail, manual keyed entry (MKE) can be used to manually enter the card details.

The presence of the card holder is still required for MKE. Use MOTO payments if you need to support transactions where the card holder is not present.

Cardholder verification

Credit and debit cards can require a cardholder verification method (CVM) when used in a payment terminal. Verification is commonly executed via personal identification number (PIN) or shopper signature. Support of all CVMs does not require any additional integration effort by default. For more information, see Cardholder verification methods.

Personal Identification Number

The shopper is prompted to enter his Personal Identification Number (PIN) into the terminal. Subsequently the PIN gets verified either offline with the chip on the card or online with the card issuer. Contactless transactions above CVM limit always require online verification.


The shopper is prompted to provide his signature either on the touch screen of the terminal or on the printed transaction receipt. It is your responsibility to verify the signature of the shopper with the signature on the card or another form of identification.

For Terminal API, the terminal always approves the signature. Optionally, a manual signature check can be implemented on the cash register by executing following steps:

Retrieve CapturedSignature data from PaymentResponse.

Display prompt in cash register software to check signature

  1. If a signature is approved, no action is necessary.
  2. If a signature is declined, the payment needs to be refunded.

In this scenario, we recommend to delaying auto-capture of payments on the Adyen payments platform to prevent unnecessary reservation or transfer of funds. Contact our POS Support Team to configure your account for delayed capture.