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Gift cards

Learn about the available gift cards operations through Point of Sale. We currently support Givex and SVS cards.

The table below outlines the different sorts of gift card transaction you can support with the Adyen Terminal API, a description, the transaction type (StoredValueTransactionType) to pass with the transaction, as well as any special options.

For detailed instructions on integrating gift card processing with our Terminal API, see the Payment page.

Gift card transaction             Description Transaction Type                 Special options            
Issue Transaction         Load an amount and activate a card. Issue transaction must be the first transaction on a card. load ("loadType", "activate|load")
Activate gift card Makes the funds associated with the card available for the shopper. Gift card activation is a fraud protection tool. If the card is not active, it cannot be redeemed. Activate transaction is used for pre-valued cards only. load ("loadType", "activate")
Redeem Transaction     Debit a cash card when purchasing goods or services. redeem                                                     
Balance Inquiry Transaction     Check the available funds on a card. balanceInquiry                                                      
Reload Transaction         Add funds to a card that has already been issued. A reload m not be the first transaction on a card. load ("loadType", "load")
Merchandise Return Transaction Apply value to a card from returned merchandise. load ("loadType", "merchandise_return")
Redeem with partial authorisation Authorise the remaining balance on the gift card, when the balance is less then the requested amount. This operation will allow to perform partial payment of a single sale. redeem ("allowPartialAuthorisation", "true")
Tip Transaction            

Used to debit the card for a gratuity.
 (SVS cards only)

Tipping is not currently supported by the Terminal API integration.

redeem ("redemptionType", "gratuity")
Cashback Transaction**    

Decrements the value on the card, in order to exchange its value for cash.
Givex gift cards allow for two options: decrement the balance for a specific amount, or redeem the whole amount. To redeem the whole amount, perform a cashback transaction with zero value.

Check with your legal department concerning state laws governing the ability to offer cashback when a card’s balance reaches a specific amount.

redeem ("redemptionType", "cashback")
Cashback and deactivate     Decrements the value on the card, in order to exchange its value for cash and also deactivates the card. This card can not be used again. (Givex cards only) redeem ("redemptionType", "cashback|deactivate")
Deactivate**               Deactivates the card. This card can not be used again. (Givex cards only) redeem ("redemptionType", "deactivate")

**SVS supports cashback only for the full balance on the card, therefore the amount must be 0 for SVS cashback

Use Special options to trigger specific Entry Modes

Entry mode Description Special options
Swipe The gift card is read through a magnetic stripe. ("forceEntryMode", " Magstripe")
MKE on PED The card number is manually entered on the payment terminal (PED). The tender should specify that it expects keyed entry on the terminal, and a card mask should be provided. ("forceEntryMode", "Keyed")("cardNumber.mask", "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx")
("cardNumber.min", "12")("cardNumber.max", "19")
MKE on POS Scan a barcode on the back of the card from the Cash register application (POS). In this scenario, the card number, card mask and expiry should be provided in special options. ("forceEntryMode", "Keyed")
("cardNumber", "6006491260550218074")
("cardNumber.expiryYear", "2019")
("cardNumber.expiryMonth", "03")