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Gift cards for point of sale

Learn how to make gift card transactions with our Terminal API.

Using our Standalone solution?

Our Standalone solution does not support gift card transactions.

Our Terminal API supports gift cards issued by Givex, Stored Value Solutions (SVS), and ValueLink.

We also support gift cards from key local gift card providers in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. You can process payments with these gift cards, but no other operations.

Gift card transactions are initiated by making a Terminal API request from your cash register. You can make the following gift card transactions using our Terminal API:

  • Activate: Enables the gift card for other transactions. You can optionally load an initial balance to the card when you activate it.

    After the card is activated, you can make the following transactions:

  • Make a payment: Make a full or partial payment with a gift card.
  • Check the balance: Query the remaining balance of the gift card.
  • Load a balance: Add funds to the balance of the gift card.
  • Refund: Return funds to the gift card. You can also fully or partially reverse a payment made with the gift card.
  • Deactivate or cash out: Disable the card by deactivating it or cashing out the remaining funds.

When a request has been processed, you receive a response indicating whether the transaction was successful.

Before you begin

Before you make any gift card transactions, make sure that you have:

Terminal API or Stored Value API

There are some gift card transactions that you can do in two ways:

  • Using the Terminal API: That's what we describe here. It's the API that our point-of-sale solution is based on, and it supports all in-store gift card transactions including gift card payments.
  • Using the Stored Value API: This is a simple JSON-only API that's the same for point of sale and web. You can't make payments with this API, but you can use it for other gift card transactions, both in-store and online.

The gift card transactions that you can process in these two ways are:

  • Activate
  • Load a balance
  • Check the balance
  • Deactivate

With a point-of-sale integration, you already know the structure of the Terminal API and thus may prefer to do all POS gift card transactions using that API.
If you also have an online-payments integration, you may prefer to do these transactions for both POS and web using the Stored Value API. You'd still use the Terminal API, but only for payment related transactions.

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