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NFC wallet payments

Learn how to accept NFC wallet payments.


Mobile wallet apps allow people to link their credit and debit cards to a mobile wallet. They can then make payments with those cards through a payment service like Apple Pay or Google Pay which is integrated with the app. The payment terminal is able to interface with the mobile wallet through the near field communication (NFC) chip in the shopper's phone or smartwatch. Because the mobile wallet is linked to the shopper's credit or debit card, making NFC wallet payments is essentially the same as making a card payment.

Terminal API integrations support the following NFC wallet payment methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

If your integration can make a card payment using Terminal API, you can make an NFC wallet payment using the same API call.

Other NFC wallet passes

Apart from credit and debit cards, shoppers can also keep other digital passes in their mobile wallet, such as loyalty cards, vouchers, and tickets. You can create your own NFC-enabled pass and tie this in with your loyalty program. When the shopper has your pass, you can then accept it when the shopper makes an in-store payment. See NFC-enabled passes for more information.

Before you begin

Before you begin integrating an NFC wallet payment method, make sure you have:

  1. Built an integration that can make a payment.
  2. Added the payment method to your Adyen account.

How it works

To make a payment with an NFC wallet payment method:

  1. Initiate a payment from your cash register.
  2. The shopper presents their smartphone or smartwatch to the terminal.
    The terminal reads the NFC chip embedded in their device.
  3. The shopper verifies the payment by following the prompts on their device. This will usually involve entering their PIN or password, or providing biometric authentication such as a fingerprint.
  4. You receive the payment result, as you would receive the result of a card payment.

You can view the details of NFC wallet payments in your Customer Area, under Transactions > Payments.

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