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Learn when a point of sale transaction will time out.

After you start a transaction, a timeout occurs automatically when either:

  • An issuer does not process a transaction within 120 seconds. This is a processing timeout.
  • A terminal has been waiting for shopper interaction for too long. This is a device timeout.

Processing timeout

When a shopper has verified a transaction on a terminal (for example, by entering a PIN or signature), the payment is sent for processing. If the issuer has not processed this transaction within 120 seconds, the Adyen payments platform automatically cancels the transaction.

When a processing timeout occurs:

  • Declined is shown on the terminal display.
  • You receive a payment result containing:

    • PaymentResponse.Response.Result: Failure
    • PaymentResponse.Response.ErrorCondition: Communication timeout

    The example payment result below indicates the transaction was cancelled due to a processing timeout.

            "ErrorCondition":"Communication timeout"

In case of a processing timeout, retry the transaction using an alternative card or payment method (if possible).

If you do not receive either a payment result or a timeout response after 120 seconds, your integration should automatically verify whether the payment has been processed. Refer to Verify transaction status.

Device timeout

When a terminal is waiting for an interaction for too long, the transaction will time out. This results in the transaction being cancelled.

Here we describe terminal prompts that will eventually time out, as well as:

  • Timeout (sec): The duration the prompt is displayed on the terminal before the transaction times out.
  • Configurable: Whether the timeout duration is configurable. To configure a timeout duration, contact our POS Support Team.
Prompt Timeout (sec) Configurable
Insert, swipe, or tap card 120 -x-
Scan QR code 120 -x-
Account type selection 120 -x-
Application selection 120 -white_check_mark-
Currency conversion acknowledgement 120 -white_check_mark-
PIN entry 60 -x-
Signature capture 60 -white_check_mark-
Signature check 900 -x-
Manual card number entry 60 -white_check_mark-
Manual expiry date entry 60 -white_check_mark-
Authorization in progress 200 -x-
Receipt printing confirmation 120 -white_check_mark-
Adyen Giving 30 -white_check_mark-
Tipping 60 -white_check_mark-
Balance (gift card) 10 -white_check_mark-
Final state (Approved, Declined, Canceled, Error) 4 -white_check_mark-

When a device timeout occurs, you receive a payment result containing:

  • PaymentResponse.Response.Result: Failure
  • PaymentResponse.Response.ErrorCondition: Cancel

The example payment result below indicates a device timeout.

    "SaleToPOIResponse": {
        "PaymentResponse": {
            "POIData": {...},
            "PaymentResult": {...},
            "Response": {
                "Result": "Failure",
                "AdditionalResponse": "...",
                "ErrorCondition": "Cancel"
        "MessageHeader": {
            "SaleID": "POSSystemID12345",
            "MessageClass": "Service",
            "MessageCategory": "Payment",
            "ServiceID": "0207111104",
            "POIID": "V400m-324688179",
            "MessageType": "Response"

When a transaction is cancelled due to a device timeout, you should retry the transaction.

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