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Collect input

Learn how to use the payment terminal to collect input from your customers or staff.

In addition to making payments, Adyen's payment terminals can request input from your shopper or staff. This allows you to collect the shopper's email address for example, or perform a survey. The communication flow is between your cash register and the terminal, and does not involve the Adyen backend. You need to process the collected input with your own business logic.

There are several types of input request:

  • Confirmation - Show some information and ask the user to confirm they agree.
  • Signature - Show some information and ask the user to confirm by supplying their signature.
  • Menu - Show a multiple choice question and let the user select one of the answers. You can use this for NPS surveys, order lists, and such.
  • Digit - Ask for numeric input, like a zip code. Another example is a pay-at-table flow where you ask your staff for the table number.
  • Phone number - Ask the user to enter a phone number.
  • Text - You'd typically use this to collect an email address.
  • Rating - Show a question and let the user select a rating from 0 to 10.

For each input type, we provide predefined elements to show on the terminal display, and fields that you need to populate with your own text. The user enters a response with the terminal keypad or the on-screen keyboard and buttons.

You cannot use input requests on (legacy) terminals that do not support Terminal API or on terminals that support only a subset of Terminal API.

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