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Card recognition

Use transaction details for specific customer journeys.

Card recognition refers to using payment data to check what card the shopper has presented. This information lets you implement scenarios like:

  • Card-based customer identification: for example, you use card acquisition to keep track of when a driver enters and leaves a parking garage. This allows you to calculate the amount due.

  • Card check before refund: before issuing an unreferenced refund, you use card acquisition to verify if the shopper is using the same card for the refund as for the initial payment.

  • Gift card usage: you use card acquisition to check if the shopper is using a gift card. If you don't want to accept the gift card for this transaction, you cancel the card acquisition and ask for a different card. Or if you want to stimulate usage of your gift card, you give extra discounts in the payment following the card acquisition.

  • Tax-free shopping: you use the issuer country and the card BIN returned in the card acquisition response to determine whether the transaction qualifies for a tax refund.

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To implement scenarios based on card recognition, you need to understand:

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