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Tap to Pay on iPhone

Integrate your POS app with the Adyen iOS SDK to make Tap to Pay on iPhone payments.

With our Tap to Pay on iPhone solution you can accept contactless in-person payments using an iPhone as the payment interface, and process these payments on the Adyen payments platform.

For this solution you need to integrate the Adyen SDK into your iOS POS app. Before you start:

How it works

This is how the solution's components work together:

  1. Your POS app creates a Terminal API payment request.
  2. The POS app passes the payment request to the Adyen SDK.
  3. The Adyen SDK passes the request to the Tap to Pay on iPhone component.
  4. The customer completes the payment by tapping their card or mobile device on the iPhone.
  5. The Adyen SDK passes the Terminal API payment response to the POS app.

Next steps

To set up this solution:

  1. Get an entitlement from Apple for Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  2. Add the SDK to your POS app.
  3. Add code to make a payment from your POS app using the Adyen SDK.
  4. Implement UI guidelines from Apple for presenting the Tap to Pay screen.

Integrating your POS app with Terminal API is described in other sections of our documentation.
Here, we describe integrating your POS app with our SDK to make Tap to Pay on iPhone transactions.