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Connect the e285 to your network

Connect your terminal to the internet so that it can communicate with the Adyen payments platform and your own back end systems.


  1. Ensure the e285 is turned on.
  2. Press 9 and then press  to open the Admin menu.
  3. Enter the PIN code for the Admin menu. If you don't know this code, see our POS Troubleshooting section.

    No admin PIN code is required if the terminal is not yet boarded.

  4. Select Network.
  5. Select Wi-Fi.
  6. Select Add Network.
  7. Select Scan.
  8. Choose the desired network and enter the wireless password. The terminal will connect to the network.
    The terminal sets the network as default automatically, and connects to it.
  9. Exit the network menu to begin boarding the device.

(Optional) Configure a static IP address

To assign a static IP address to the terminal:

  1. On a connected terminal, press 9 and then
  2. Enter your Admin PIN code and then press . If you don't know this code, see our POS Troubleshooting section.
  3. Select Network and then, depending on your connection type:

    Connection type Select
    Wired Ethernet.
    Wireless WiFi > select your Wi-Fi network > IP Settings.
    Bluetooth Bluetooth > IP Settings.
  4. In IP Settings, clear the Use DHCP checkbox.
  5. Enter your network details. To type a period (.), press 1 twice. Enter the IP address, the Subnet mask, the Default gateway, the Preferred DNS, and the Alternate DNS.

    The static IP address must be unique in the network and, if you have more than one terminal, unique for each terminal.

  6. Select Apply.