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Return or replace terminals

Learn how to return or replace a faulty POS terminal.

If your Adyen POS terminal is faulty, you can arrange to have it returned using your Customer Area. 

If you're enrolled in our Terminal Replacement Service, you can request a replacement terminal in the same order. For more information on our Terminal Replacement Service and how to set this up, contact our Sales Support team.

If you're not enrolled in the Terminal Replacement Service, you will need to return the faulty terminal and order a new one.

POS terminal accessories, such as frames and charging bases, cannot be returned. To order replacement accessories, follow our terminal ordering steps.

Before you begin

Before returning or replacing a terminal, troubleshoot your issue. This can resolve around 80% of terminal issues.

You can troubleshoot by either:

If this does not resolve your issue, you will need to return or replace the terminal. 


To return or replace a terminal:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. In your company-level account, navigate to Point of saleOrders and returns

  3. Select either:

    • Return terminals: Returns a terminal but does not order a replacement.
    • Request replacement: Returns a terminal and orders a replacement.

      To order replacement terminals you'll need to be enrolled in our Terminal Replacement Service. If you have enrolled, but do not see the Request replacement button, contact your company account admin.

  4. Complete the following:

    1. Order details: Enter a Merchant RMA ref. This is your own reference. It will be displayed on the shipping label, and can be used to track the replacement terminal.
    2. Shipment details: Select your delivery address, or click Add a different address to add a new delivery address.

    3. RMA details: Enter the details of the terminal being returned:

      • Model: The model number of the terminal. This is printed on the back of the terminal.
      • Serial number: The 9-digit serial number printed on the back of the terminal. If you are returning multiple terminals with the same model, click Add serial number, then enter the serial number/s of the other terminal/s.
      • Problem category: Select the option that describes your issue best.
      • Description: Enter more information about the issue.

      If you're returning or replacing more than one terminal model, click Add RMA in the bottom-right corner. Then enter the details of the other terminal.

  5. Click Submit request.

We'll ship the replacement terminal and/or return packaging to your delivery address. Follow the included instructions to return the faulty terminal.

Change your replacement or return order

If the order has not been processed you can cancel or adjust your order to replace/return a terminal.

To find out whether your order has been processed:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. In your company-level account, navigate to Point of sale > Orders and returns

If the order has a Status of Registered it has not been processed. If the order has any other status it has already been processed, and cannot be changed.

To cancel or adjust a request to replace/return a terminal:

Track replacement terminal delivery

Once a replacement terminal has been shipped, a track and trace will be created. 

You can locate this in your Customer Area:

  1. In your company-level account, navigate to Point of sale > Orders and returns.
  2. In the Carrier column, click the name of the Carrier. The track and trace details are displayed. Use these to track your order.

In case of delivery issues, contact the Carrier.

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