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Install or replace paper rolls - VX820 Duet

 Install paper rolls, or replace used rolls to print receipts. 

The VX820 Duet uses the following receipt paper:

  • 57 mm x 47 mm x 12 mm thermal receipt paper


It is important you have sufficient stock of receipt paper, because without receipt paper it is not possible to accept payments.

  1. Lift the printer cover up.
  2. Lift the paper tray, and remove any partial roll of paper.
  3. Hold the roll so that the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll.
  4. Press the paper roll into the printer tray.
  5. Pull the paper up past the glue residue on the paper roll.
  6. Close the paper roll cover by gently pressing on the cover until it clicks. Allow a small amount of paper past the glue residue to extend outside of the printer cover.
  7. Tear the paper off against the serrated strip in the printer.