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Make special payments - V400m

The special payment functions menu allows access to custom or ad-hoc payment options. The menu may vary, depending on your merchant configuration.


To enter the special payment functions menu in standalone mode:

  1. Press 8 and then press .
  2. Enter the PIN code to unlock the terminal. If you do not know the code, contact the  POS Support Team.
  3. Review one or more of the following payment options, which are available depending on your configuration:

    1. Normal payment - Choose this option to access the payment screen, where you can enter an amount.
    2. Manual key entry - Choose this option to access the payment screen.

      1. After entering an amount, press .
      2. You are prompted to input the PAN, and then the card expiry date.

The transaction then follows the normal flow.

The special payment functions menu also includes the option to perform a refund.