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Connect a VX690 to a base station with bluetooth

Use a bluetooth connection to pair the VX690 and the base station 

Before you begin

Remove wifi profiles from the machine

  1. Ensure the network is using DHCP.
  2. Remove Wi-Fi profiles from the machine:
    1. Hold  + 9 to open the Admin menu. You may be prompted for a PIN.
    2. Press 1. Network.
    3. Press 2. Wi-Fi.
    4. Press # to scroll down.
    5. Press 4. Wi-Fi reset.
      The device will restart and Bluetooth can be switched to the default network.
  3. Connect Bluetooth base to the power source using a mini USB cable.
  4. Connect Bluetooth base to the network using the ethernet connection (marked ETH on the base).

Once the terminal is paired to a bluetooth base station, it should remain paired with it. If you have more than one terminal and base station, mark the base station and terminal to avoid mixing them up.


  1. Hold  + 9 to open the Admin menu. You may be prompted for a PIN.
  2. Press 1.Network > 3. Bluetooth > 2. Base Station > 1. Scan
  3. Press the pairing button on the base station to make it discoverable. A blue light flashes on the base station.
  4. Choose the base station from the list, and press 1. Pair. The base station will be listed with its serial number as its name.
  5. Select the Bluetooth base serial number from the list of devices.
  6. Press 3. Set Connection.
  7. Press 3. All_Ports.
  8. Press the  button until you get back to the main Network menu and choose option 1. Connection Status.
  9. When connected successfully, the Ethernet/BT option should be set to Connected.