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Next Payout

Learn about the Next Payout and why it might be negative.

The Next Payout balance is the current amount to be settled to your bank account at the next moment of payout. This amount will change over time as sales, refunds, and other adjustments are being processed.

Negative Next Payout

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If the expenses of a merchant account exceed the amount of processed payments, the Next Payout balance might become negative. The expenses incurred by a merchant account include:

  • Chargebacks, refunds, and payouts.
  • Invoice deductions.
  • Transaction fees. For example, fees for refunds.

A negative Next Payout balance may prevent you from processing refunds and payouts, or from receiving your Deposit.

If you have set up a Reserve with auto-funding, the amount needed to balance out the negative Next Payout will be debited from your payout bank account.

If you haven't set up a Reserve with auto-funding, you have the following options to eliminate the negative Next Payout balance:

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