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Pass-Through Payout

Find out how Pass-Through Payout works.

With Pass-Through Payout, the funds you get depend on the settlement timelines of the card schemes and payment methods you use. This means the funds from a sales day could be paid out to you in more than one batch.

The Pass-Through Payout model:

  • Does not allow for reconciliation based on day totals.
  • Requires automated reconciliation because funds from a sales day are paid out over several days, as part of more than one payout batch.

How it works

Sales are assigned to the payable batch as soon as the schemes or payment methods send the funds to Adyen. The payable batch closes according to your payout frequency, and Adyen pays out to you.

For example, let's consider a merchant account on Pass-Through Payout with a daily payout frequency. The sales from Monday, January 1 are paid out in separate batches over the subsequent days, from January 2 to January 7. Each payout therefore contains funds from several sales days.


Refunds, chargebacks, and other adjustments are added to the payable batch as they occur.

For the most up-to-date information about the current payable batch, check your Payable balance.

Bank holidays

Bank holidays impact when you receive your payout. If you're using the Pass-Through Payout model, the payout for a currency is delayed when a bank holiday falls on the capture day, the payout day, or in between the capture day and the payout day.

With Pass-Through Payout model, the funds you receive depend on the settlement timelines of the card schemes and payment methods you use. In case of a bank holiday, the settlement timelines are delayed by one or multiple days.

For a list of bank holidays, refer to Getting Paid.

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