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Submit authorisations in your Customer Area

Create and upload input files for batch processing of payment authorisations.

If you require batch processing of payment authorisations or modifications, you need to create a CSV input file and upload that in your Customer Area as described here.

For modifications you can also use a CSV file with a simpler format that lets the Customer Area help you to complete missing details and fix errors in the input file. Refer to Submit modifications.

Another option is to create a CSV input file with some additional records and upload through SFTP.

Before you begin

To submit files in the Customer Area for batch processing of modifications or authorisations, ask your Admin user to enable the following roles for you at the merchant account level:

  • Merchant submit batch modifications
  • Merchant submit batch payments

If you need to process transactions for multiple merchant accounts, contact our Support Team to enable this for you.

Create an input file

To provide details of the authorisations or modifications you require, you need to prepare a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file as per RFC 4180 (with some exceptions), saved in UTF-8 format.

To create a valid CSV input file, keep to the following rules:

  • The file contains either authorisations only, or modifications only. Mixing authorisations and modifications in the same file is not allowed.
  • Multi-line fields are not allowed.
  • The number of fields per line can vary, depending on the item a line describes.
  • To allow parsing, the file has a file header and trailer and block headers and trailers.
  • Line items (records) are grouped in blocks per currency. Each currency uses a separate block.
  • The file sequence number for each submitted file must always increment by exactly one unit after each successful submission. File sequence numbers are associated with the submission platform the files originate from. The plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen rejects files when the submission number has already been used, and when it detects a gap in the number sequence because adjacent numbers are not consecutive, for example 201 followed by 203.
  • The same merchant account name must be used throughout each file. If you have batch payments for another merchant account, you should submit these in a separate file.

Upload input files in your Customer Area

  1. Create a CSV input file.
  2. Log in to your Customer Area.
  3. Switch to your merchant account.
  4. Go to Finance > Batches.
  5. Select Upload File, then select your CSV input file and select Submit.
  6. Select Upload.
    The batch is QUEUED, and then PROCESSED.

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