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Line record

Depending on the command (payment method or modification) the L record has different specific fields.

Common fields

Field Number Format Required Description
1 Fixed value: L -white_check_mark- record type identifier
2 Numeric -white_check_mark- Line record number within block (starts at 1, increments by 1)
3 Alphanumeric -white_check_mark- The merchant account identifier you want to process the (transaction) request with.
4 Allowed values:
  • sepadirectdebit
  • card
  • authoriseReferral
  • cancel
  • capture
  • refund
  • cancelOrRefund
-white_check_mark- Authorise payment request
  • sepadirectdebit. For SEPA payment requests
  • card. For Credit Card payment requests

Modifications of payments
  • authoriseReferral
  • cancel
  • capture
  • refund
  • cancelOrRefund
5 Numeric -white_check_mark- The payable amount that can be charged for the transaction, in minor units.
6 Alphabetic
-white_check_mark- The three-character ISO currency code.
7 Alphanumeric -white_check_mark- Merchant transaction reference (blank for modifications, required for payments)
8 Alphanumeric -x- Shopper reference/id (blank for modifications)
9 Email address -x- Shopper email (blank for modifications)
10 [A-Za-z0-9.,-? ]+ -x- Shopper statement (blank for modifications)
11 Allowed values:
  • Ecommerce
  • Moto
  • ContAuth
-x- Shopper interaction flagging (additional authorisation required to override, leave blank otherwise)

Payment method or modifications specific fields

Field Number Format Required Description
n Fixed value: L -white_check_mark- End-of-record type identifier