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Codes to test authorisation using additional data

To test the responses listed on this page, include the RequestedTestAcquirerResponseCode in additionalData when making a /payments request.

For example, to test the refusalReason Expired Card, include in your /payments request:


Some card-related payment methods, for example Alipay, will redirect you to a simulator where you can select the payment result. In this case, the value provided as the cardholder name will be ignored.

RequestedTestAcquirerResponseCode holderName refusalReason resultCode
0 UNKNOWN Unknown Error
1 APPROVED - Authorised
2 DECLINED Refused Refused
3 REFERRAL Referral Refused
4 ERROR Acquirer Error Error
5 BLOCK_CARD Blocked Card Refused
6 CARD_EXPIRED Expired Card Refused
7 INVALID_AMOUNT Invalid Amount Refused
8 INVALID_CARD_NUMBER Invalid Card Number Refused
9 ISSUER_UNAVAILABLE Issuer Unavailable Refused
10 NOT_SUPPORTED Not supported Refused
11 NOT_3D_AUTHENTICATED 3D Not Authenticated Refused
12 NOT_ENOUGH_BALANCE Not enough balance Refused
13 PENDING - Received
14 ACQUIRER_FRAUD Acquirer Fraud Refused
15 CANCELLED Cancelled Refused
16 SHOPPER_CANCELLED Shopper Cancelled Refused
17 INVALID_PIN Invalid Pin Refused
18 PIN_TRIES_EXCEEDED Pin tries exceeded Refused
19 PIN_VALIDATION_NOT_POSSIBLE Pin validation not possible Refused
20 FRAUD FRAUD Refused
21 NOT_SUBMITTED Not Submitted Refused
23 TRANSACTION_NOT_PERMITTED Transaction Not Permitted Refused
24 CVC_DECLINED CVC Declined Refused
25 RESTRICTED_CARD Restricted Card Refused
26 REVOCATION_OF_AUTH Revocation Of Auth Refused
27 DECLINED_NON_GENERIC Declined Non Generic Refused
28 WITHDRAWAL_AMOUNT_EXCEEDED Withdrawal amount exceeded Refused
29 WITHDRAWAL_COUNT_EXCEEDED Withdrawal count exceeded Refused
31 ISSUER_SUSPECTED_FRAUD Issuer Suspected Fraud Refused
32 AVS_DECLINED AVS Declined Refused
33 PIN_REQUIRED Card requires online pin Refused
34 NO_CHECKING_ACCOUNT_AVAILABLE_ON_CARD No checking account available on Card Refused
35 NO_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT_AVAILABLE_ON_CARD No savings account available on Card Refused
36 MOBILE_PIN_REQUIRED Mobile PIN required Refused
37 CONTACTLESS_FALLBACK Contactless fallback Refused
38 AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED Authentication required Refused
39 RREQ_NOT_RECEIVED RReq not received from DS Refused