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Track transactions in your platform

Use our API to get updates about transactions in your balance platform.

Adyen sends notification webhooks to inform your server of events in your platform. You can listen to webhooks to get updates about incoming and outgoing funds, or you can make API requests to keep track of transactions.

With the Transactions API, you can query the transactions for your whole balance platform, or for a particular account holder or balance account.

Get a list of transactions

To get a list of transactions, make a GET /transactions call with the following query parameters:

  • Either balancePlatform, accountHolderId, or balanceAccountId
  • createdSince: The start date and time for the query.
  • createdUntil: The end date and time for the query.

For the date fields, the date-time value must be in ISO 8601 format. For example, 2021-05-30T15:07:40Z.

The response includes:

  • A data array containing all the transactions that match the query parameters. You can refer to certain objects to identify incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • A _links object containing links to the next or previous page when applicable. To page through the results, add the cursor value as a query parameter in your next request.

If you want to only get details for a particular transaction, get the specific transaction ID and make a GET /transactions/{id} request.

Identify incoming and outgoing funds

Refer to the following fields and objects of the API response to find out if a transaction is outgoing or incoming.

Field Incoming funds Outgoing funds
amount Has a positive value, meaning funds are added to the balance account. Has a negative value, meaning funds are deducted from the balance account.
instructedAmount The amount that the sender instructed their bank to send. This can be higher than the amount.value. For example, when their bank deducts costs for the transfer. Not applicable
counterparty Contains information about the sender. Contains information about the recipient.
referenceForBeneficiary The reference from the sender, if they sent any. The reference that you sent in the /transfers request.
status The status of the transaction. It can be:

-pending: The funds have not been added yet to the balance account. Check the valueDate to know when the funds will be available.
-booked: The funds have been added to the balance account.
The status of the transaction. It can be:

-pending: The funds are reserved to be deducted from the Adyen business bank account. Check the valueDate to know when the funds will be deducted.
-booked: The funds have been deducted from the business bank account.

Here are examples of incoming and outgoing transactions.

Booking and value dates

For every transaction returned in the API response, you receive two date fields: the bookingDate and the valueDate.

The dates in these fields may be different when a fund transfer is pending. For example, when you transfer funds from an Adyen business bank account after bank cutoff times, the funds are reserved but are not yet deducted. In this scenario, the dates will be:

  • bookingDate: The date when you sent the transfer request.
  • valueDate: A future date, when the funds are expected to be deducted from the balance account.

The transaction will also have a pending status.

When the funds are finally deducted from the balance account at the specified valueDate, the status of the transaction changes to booked.