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Reconcile accounts receivable

Reconcile the net amount settled to the accounts in your platform.

This page is for the classic Adyen for Platforms integrations. If you are just starting your implementation, refer to our new integration guide instead.

When customers of your platform make a payment, the payment is processed through your Adyen merchant accounts. After Adyen receives the funds, Adyen settles and credits the funds to the accounts in your platform. When Adyen settles a batch of transactions, Adyen also creates a corresponding Settlement details report.

You can use the information in the Settlement details report to:

  • Get the net amount settled to the accounts in your platform.
  • Identify which transactions have settled in the batch and get the net debit or net credit for each batch.
  • Determine the fees associated with settled transactions, such as scheme and interchange fees.


We show selected rows and columns below to illustrate how you can get the net amount settled to the accounts in your platform. To get a complete report, refer to Settlement details report.

In this example, the batch includes:

  • Three settled transactions: two payments and one refund.
  • A deduction for other fees incurred. If you want to further reconcile the amount, refer to Understanding fees.

Selected columns from Settlement details report

Merchant account PSP reference Merchant reference Type Gross currency Gross debit Gross credit Net currency Net debit Net credit Commission Markup Scheme Interchange
YourMerchantAccount 852584129291587A REF_001 Settled EUR 300 EUR 297.6 0.6 0.2 1.6
YourMerchantAccount 853781278121997C REF_002 Refunded EUR 50 EUR 54 4
YourMerchantAccount 852584132050336H REF_003 Settled EUR 150 EUR 147 3
YourMerchantAccount Fee EUR 0.32
YourMerchantAccount XASTransfer EUR 390.28

The row with type XASTransfer (cross accounting system transfer) reflects the net amount that Adyen settles to the accounts in your platform.

  • XASTransfer = Total of the Net credit column - total of Net debit column

For this report, Adyen settled and credited 390.28 EUR to accounts in your platform.

To break down the amount to corresponding credits and debits for each account in your platform, refer to Build a transactional ledger.

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