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Track transactions in scheduled payouts

Track transactions that are part of scheduled payouts.

If you set up scheduled payouts, you can use the Marketpay Payout Report. The timing of this report is optimized to match the timing of scheduled payouts. This report contains all the payouts initiated within the day and the transactions (both credits and debits) that were part of the paid out amount. The report is grouped per account holder and account.


We show selected rows and columns below to illustrate how you can track transactions that were part of the amount automatically paid out. To get a complete report, refer to Marketpay Payout Report.

This daily reports contains all the payouts initiated within the day, grouped by the Account holder and Account.

Selected columns from Marketplace Payout report

Account holder Account PSP reference Payment merchant reference number Main currency Main amount Record type
LiableAccountHolderPlatform 1234567 852584129291587A REF_001 EUR 60 Credited
LiableAccountHolderPlatform 1234567 852584132050336H REF_003 EUR 30 Credited
LiableAccountHolderPlatform 1234567 EUR -9.72 Fee
LiableAccountHolderPlatform 1234567 853781278121997C REF_002 EUR -2 Debited
LiableAccountHolderPlatform 1234567 8915844059375211 EUR -78.28 Payout
AccountHolder_1 7891012 852584129291587A REF_001 EUR 240 Credited
AccountHolder_1 7891012 8915844059375211 EUR -240 Payout
AccountHolder_2 3823129 853781278121997C REF_002 EUR -48 Debited
AccountHolder_2 3823129 852584132050336H REF_003 EUR 120 Credited
AccountHolder_2 3823129 8915844059375211 EUR -72 Payout

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