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Change legal entity type

Modify a user's legal entity type to onboard them with the correct verification process.

Users sometimes sign up with an incorrect legal entity type. To change the legal entity type to the correct one, you can:

  • Custom onboarding: make a PATCH /legalEntities/{id} request to update the legal entity type and then provide additional required information.
  • Hosted onboarding: let your user change their legal entity type and provide additional required information in the UI.

All verification checks are run again after the legal entity type is changed.

You can only change the type of the main legal entity. If the type of an associated legal entity is incorrect, you need to create a new legal entity.

Retained information

When you change the legal entity type, the following information is retained:

  • The legal entity id
  • Transfer instruments
  • Bank statement details
  • Proof of industry
  • Processed amounts
  • Business lines

When changing between an individual and an organization legal entity, the following information is migrated:

  • The country is migrated from the individual residentialAddress to the organization registeredAddress.
  • The individual name is migrated to the organization legalName.

When changing between an organization and an individual legal entity, the following information is migrated:

  • The country is migrated from the organization registeredAddress to the individual residentialAddress.
  • The organization legalName is migrated to the individual name.

You can only directly change a legal entity type from:

  • individual to organization
  • organization to individual

The example below shows how you can change a legal entity from an individual to an organization. Provide the new type in your PATCH /legalEntities/{id} request:

The response contains the updated legal entity with some of the data migrated to the new type. To update additional information, for example, the complete address, make another PATCH /legalEntities/{id} request.

To change the legal entity type from an organization to a sole proprietorship:

  1. Change the legal entity type from organization to individual following the flow above.
  2. Make a PATCH /legalEntities/{id} request and associate a sole proprietorship to the individual legal entity.

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