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Process in-person payments

Process in-person payments on behalf of your users.

In a platform setup, you can onboard your users with point-of-sale integrations to accept in-person payments (IPP).

Before you begin

To process in-person payments for your user, you will need to:

Split in-person transactions

Transactions often need to be split between the balance accounts in your platform. With every payment, capture, or refund request, you can choose how to split these funds between your platform's balance accounts, including your liable balance account.

For example, when a customer pays, you can split the funds into multiple parts:

  • The sale amount that goes to your user's balance account.
  • Your platform's commission that goes to your liable account.
  • The tip that goes to your user's balance account.
  • The transaction fees that are charged to your user's balance account.

If you do not provide any split information, the entire transaction amount will be booked against your platform's liable balance account.

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