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Chargebacks and disputes

Learn how to handle the disputed amount during a chargeback.

When a chargeback event occurs on your platform, you can choose how to credit or debit the disputed amount from or to your platform's balance accounts. You can also transfer funds between balance accounts in your platform to correct balances.

You can define the chargeback logic on two levels:

  • Balance platform level: Set a default logic to handle all chargebacks. Contact our Support Team to configure a default logic on balance platform level.
  • Payment level: Set a logic for each payment. The chargeback handling logic you set at payment level overrides any default logic set at balance platform level.

Define the chargeback logic

There are 3 ways in which you can handle all chargebacks events. You can book the disputed amount against:

The entire disputed amount is booked against your liable balance account. Adyen applies this logic by default if you do not configure a logic on the balance platform level or the payment level. The currency and amount do not need to match those of the original payment.

In case you configure another logic as default for your platform, you can still choose to deduct from your liable account for each payment (payment level).

To configure this logic on payment level, add a platformChargebackLogic object in your /payments or /sessions request. Specify the following fields:

Parameter Required Description
behavior -white_check_mark- The method of handling chargebacks. Set this to deductFromLiableAccount.
costAllocationAccount The ID of the balance account to which the chargeback fees are booked. By default, chargeback fees are booked to your liable balance account.

In the Balance Platform Accounting Report, the chargeback fee type is indicated before the transfer description, which matches the description of the original payment.

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