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Start accepting payments on your Android app with our client-side solutions.

We offer different integration options to help you accept payments on your Android app. Depending on your customization requirements, you can choose to integrate with:

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  Explore Android Drop-in and Components on GitHub.

  • Android Drop-in: Use our all-in-one UI solution. Drop-in handles all shopper interaction for popular payment methods. Recommended if you want a quick way to start accepting payments, with little to no customization.
  • Android Components: Use a separate UI Component for each payment method. Recommended if you want some degree of customization and flexibility on your payment form.
  • API only: Use only our APIs and then build your own UI. Recommended if you want full UI control.

You use the same API requests for all payment methods, regardless which client-side solution you pick.

If want to redirect your shoppers to an Adyen-hosted checkout page instead, refer to Pay by Link.

How do you want to integrate?

Select an option below to see the integration steps, including both server-side API calls and the client-side implementation.

Drop-in replaces our SDKs. If you are using our SDKs, we recommend that you switch to Drop-in to get the latest functionality and features.