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Auto Rescue

Automatically retry shopper-not-present transactions when they are refused.

Adyen's Auto Rescue automatically retries refused or charged back shopper-not-present transactions such as subscription renewals. It uses smart logic to decide which payments can succeed when retried later, and performs these retries at optimal times.

A payment can be refused, in case of card transaction, or charged back, in case of a SEPA direct debit transaction, due to many reasons. In some cases, for example, when the shopper's account has insufficient funds, the payment may still succeed when submitted again at a later point in time. In other scenarios, for example when the shopper's account has been closed, the payment is declined permanently.

Auto Rescue schedules retries for refused or charged back payments that have a chance of succeeding. It may take several retry attempts to rescue a payment. These attempts occur within a rescue window.

Before you begin

Before using Auto Rescue, make sure you have set up webhooks. We use these to update you on the Auto Rescue process and provide details, including:

  • The result of a retry attempt.
  • Whether another retry attempt has been scheduled.
  • The end of the rescue process.
  • A payment link to send to the shopper after an unsuccessful rescue process, if enabled.

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