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Classic Checkout SDKs

Integrate our classic Checkout SDK into your website or app.

The classic Checkout SDK integrations are being phased out
This means we are:

  • No longer developing the classic Checkout SDK integration.
  • Not accepting new classic Checkout SDK integrations.

You have until March 31, 2024 to migrate.


Limited payment method support

The Checkout SDK integrations have:

  • No support for new payment methods.
  • No native 3D Secure 2 flow for card payments.
  • Redirects in the payment flow causing friction in the shopper experience for payment method like PayPal or Klarna.
  • An older Apple Pay implementation that requires you to do more development work to accept Apple Pay payments.

Known issues

We are no longer developing the Checkout SDKs so we won't release fixes for known issues. We are only releasing security patches.

Difficult troubleshooting

Checkout SDK integrations are harder to troubleshoot, so resolving issues takes longer than for the latest integrations.