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Payment response for Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payment Pages are no longer available

To accept payments through an Adyen-hosted page, use our Hosted Checkout.

This page is for the classic Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which has reached end-of-life. We are no longer processing transactions though HPP.

After shoppers have completed the payment, they are redirected to a result page of your choice. You can set a custom result URL in the Customer Area on the skin configuration page. Another option is to include the result URL in the resURL field in the payment request.

Adyen appends parameters to this result URL to inform you about the payment status. If the status is already determined (either authorised or refused), you can use this information to display a payment successful or payment failed page. In a case when the current status is pending, use paymentNBSPwebhooks to get the outcome of a payment request and store this result in your back office, if necessary.

An example of a redirect URL to a result page:

You can also add your own custom parameters to the redirect URL:

The next example shows a resultURL (corresponding to a redirect URL without custom parameters) with parameters appended by us to inform you of the payment status:

<!-- Appended URL parameters:
* merchantReference = Internet order 12345
* skinCode = 4aD37dJA
* shopperLocale = en_GB
* authResult = AUTHORISED
* pspReference = 1211992213193029
* merchantSig = CPb2cObMxmIIE0khO8WhEYyKDJs%3D

To ensure that the response is not tampered with validate the response by calculating the signature of the returned fields, except the merchantSig field. Adyen uses your secret HMAC key to sign the data, so the calculated signature should be the same as the merchantSig included in the response.