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Migrate to third-party payouts

Payouts must be submitted using the Third-party payout API or Batch files. Additional payee data also needs to be submitted with a payout request. In addition, you can no longer send payout requests using RefundWithData.

If you have been submitting payouts using another method, you need to update your integration.

Contact Support Team prior to testing any changes to your integration. They will ensure that your user credentials and permissions are updated.

Who is impacted by this change?

If you are using the /storeDetailAndSubmit or /submit endpoints, you need to migrate to the /storeDetailAndSubmitThirdParty or /submitThirdParty endpoints, respectively. If you are already using third-party calls, but your version is lower than v25, update your integration to the new version to submit additional payee information.

/refundWithData will remain active for submitting unreferenced refunds.

If you are using a Batch RefundWithData request file for payouts, you need to migrate to Payout request files.

If you are unsure whether you are affected or not, contact Support Team with the name of your merchant account, and the API credential you use to send payout requests.

Additional data required for payouts

In order to improve the mandatory sanctions screening for payouts, we require you to submit additional payee information (full name, date of birth, nationality, and entity type) with a payout request, depending on the region where you are performing the payout. Amend your payout calls/request files accordingly in order to forward the details.

Switch to the latest version of Payout API / Batch files

You must also update your integration to the version v25 of the Payout API. You can find the specification of the payout calls and batch file submission at Third-party payouts API.

To add additional payee information to an existing recurring contract, send a /submitThirdParty request containing the relevant fields. For more information on these fields, see API Explorer.

As we have deprecated the use of /refundWithData calls to submit payout requests, you need to switch your integration to our third-party Payout API or Batch file type.

Payouts submitted through this integration will have payout-specific journal statuses (PaidOut) in Adyen's reporting, including the Monthly finance and Settlement details reports. We recommend that you review your reconciliation processes, particularly if you are automatically consuming any reporting, to ensure you are able to handle a PaidOut line item instead of the Refunded journal status currently provided from payouts submitted through RefundWithData.

Main changes and documentation

  1. Additional payout recipient data will need to be submitted:

    • shopperName, i.e. the personal or registered company name of the payee.
    • dateOfBirth, date of birth or establishment.
    • nationality, the nationality of the payee.
    • entityType,  indicator if the payee is a person or company.
  2. Use of third-party Payout API, rather than submitting a /refundWithData call. 

    The third-party Payout API requires you to first send payout details and submit a payout request before sending a separate confirmation of the payout. In case you do not already use the third-party Payout API, reach out to Support Team to make the necessary configurations.

  3. Review the API documentation carefully, as other changes may have been implemented between the version current at the point of your initial integration and the version v25. Further information can be found under: