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Mastercard installments in UK

Mastercard provides the option of issuer-financed installments to their customers in the United Kingdom. Adyen forwards the installment options from the issuer to the customer.

If the customer has enabled installment payments on their account, they can review installment options, and make a selection. 

Authorisation response

Installment options are returned to the customer in the /authorise response in additionalData:

  "additionalData": {
    "receiptFreeText":"Message to the merchant to be displayed on Terminal/shopper",

Options could be incremented based on the number of installment options supplied by the issuer, such as: option_1, option_2, option_3.

Capture request

The selected installment option is returned to the issuer in the capture request:

   "additionalData": {
      "installmentPaymentData.selectedInstallmentOption": "1"

For a list of additionalData fields passed in the /capture request, see additionalData.