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Refunds and cancellations

Learn how to cancel or refund Klarna payments

If a Klarna payment has not yet been captured, you can cancel it. If the Klarna payment has already been captured and you want to return the funds to the shopper, you need to refund it.

Partial refunds

To partially refund a Klarna payment, specify in your call to the /refund endpoint:

  • modificationAmount: The amount to be refunded to the shopper.
  • additionalData.openinvoicedata(optional): Price and product information about the returned items. This is included on the invoice that Klarna sends to the shopper.

    For improved shopper experience, we recommend that you provide the openinvoicedata. In case of multiple captures, you need to provide the openinvoicedata when making a (partial) refund request.


You will receive a /refund response containing a pspReference associated with this request. Once we have processed your request, you will also receive a REFUND notification. For more information, refer to Refund.