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Open banking Drop-in integration

Add open banking to an existing Drop-in integration.

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding open banking to your Drop-in integration.

Before you begin

Before starting your open banking integration:

  1. Contact our Support Team to add open banking in your test Customer Area.

  2. Make sure you've integrated Drop-in v5.27.0 or later.

API reference

You don't need to send additional fields for open banking. To see optional fields that you can send for all payment methods, choose the endpoint you integrated:

Drop-in configuration

Optional configuration

You can add the following optional configuration:

Parameter name Description Default
showImage Set to false to remove the bank logos from the open banking form. true
issuer Set to an issuer ID to preselect a specific bank. No bank is preselected.
highlightedIssuers Set to the issuer IDs for banks you want to show on top of the dropdown menu. Added in v5.1.0 All issuers are shown in the dropdown.
placeholder The string you want to show as the dropdown menu text. Custom translation configuration overrides this value. Select your bank

If you want to add optional configuration, include this in a configuration object. The following example shows how to configure Drop-in to remove the bank logos, and preselect Bank of Scotland:

const openBankingConfiguration = {
  showImage: false, // Optional. Set to **false** to remove the bank logos from the open banking form.
  issuer: "uk-bankofscotland-oauth2" // Optional. Set this to an **id** of an open banking issuer to preselect it.

If you created a openBankingConfiguration object, include this when creating a configuration object:

AdyenCheckout configuration
const configuration = {
  // ...  other required configuration
  paymentMethodsConfiguration: {
    paybybank: openBankingConfiguration

List of issuer IDs

The available banks for open banking are different in the test and live environment:

Bank name Issuer ID
Demo Open Banking Redirect (Temporary Error) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-temporary-error
Demo Open Banking Redirect (failing - cancelled) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-cancelled
Demo Open Banking Redirect (failing - failed) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-failed
Demo Open Banking Redirect (no accounts returned) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-no-accounts-returned
Demo Open Banking Redirect (payment cancelled) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-payment-cancelled
Demo Open Banking Redirect (payment failed) uk-test-open-banking-redirect-payment-failed
Demo Open Banking Redirect (payment successful) uk-test-open-banking-redirect
Demo Open Banking Redirect - configurable session expiry uk-test-open-banking-redirect-configurable-session-expiry
Demo Open Banking Redirect - Business uk-test-open-banking-business-redirect
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-decoupled
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-embedded
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-handoff
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-handoff-starling
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-redirect
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-uk-demobank-open-banking-redirect-aispis
Tink Demo Bank uk-demobank-open-banking-embedded-extendable
Tink Demo Bank - Business uk-demobank-open-banking-embedded-extendable

Test and go live

We provide different test issuers for testing open banking payments, including testing for failed or cancelled payments. Select the corresponding test issuer name, for example Demo Open Banking Redirect (payment cancelled), to simulate a cancelled payment scenario.

We recommend that you test each scenario before you go live.

Check the status of test payments in your Customer Area > Transactions > Payments.

Before you can accept live open banking payments, contact our Support Team to add open banking in your test Customer Area.

See also

See also