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Enable WeChat Pay for in-app payments

Learn about additional steps that you need to do to accept WeChat Pay in-app payments.

Before you can start accepting WeChat Pay in-app payments, you need to:

Additionally, if you prefer to build your own WeChat Pay integration and not use our existing Drop-in or Component, you need to:

Create a WeChat developer account

To register a WeChat Developer Account:

  1. Go to and select Sign Up.
  2. Fill in your information and complete your developer profile.

WeChat will contact you to verify that the details you provided are correct. Once approved, you can register your mobile app.

Register mobile app

To register your Android app with WeChat:

  1. Go to and click Log In .
  2. Navigate to Admin Center > Mobile Application > Create Mobile Application, and enter the following for your app:

    1. Name.
    2. Short introduction.
    3. The official website.
    4. iOS only: The App Store download link and Bundle ID. The Bundle ID is usually in the format

    When your app is successfully registered, you'll receive an AppID and AppSecret from WeChat.

  3. Contact our Support Team, and provide them your AppID and AppSecret. This will ensure that payments made with your app are settled to your Adyen account.

Integrate WeChat's mobile SDKs

  1. Follow the steps for registering with WeChat for in-app payments.
  2. Integrate the WeChat Pay SDK into your app:

    1. Go to and navigate to Resource Center.
    2. Open Downloads, and select either:
      • iOS Resource Download iOS Development Kit (version x.x.x with payment functionality).
      • Android Resource Download > Development Kit (SDK).
    3. Follow the instructions provided in the downloaded file to integrate the SDK.