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Photo ID check

Understand the requirements to verify a person's identity with a Photo ID.

In the photo ID check, we validate an identity document submitted by an account holder (or a company shareholder) to receive payouts from a platform. A photo ID is usually either a passport issued by the account holder's country, or a driver's license.

Account holders must submit a scan of their photo ID to your platform, and then you can forward this information for verification using an  /uploadDocument  call. In this call you should submit a document's image in the documentContent field, and specify its type in the documentDetail.documentType field.

Additional guidelines when collecting photo IDs

When collecting a scan of a photo ID from your account holder, make sure that the name on the photo ID matches the name that they registered on your platform.

If the names are different—for example, an account holder used their married name to register but their passport has their maiden name—the photo ID check will fail.

Supported photo IDs

Provide one of the following documents for photo identification. The table shows the supported photo ID documents and the data that be provided for that document.


Data page
(picture, MRZ, and details)

ID card
(government issued)

Front and back, each side in its own file.
Driver's licenseFront and back, each side in its own file.


When you upload a Photo ID, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Non-expired
  • Must be in color
  • MRZ must be visible (if available).
  • Separate file for front and back of the ID document (only when providing an ID card or driver's license).
  • Allowed formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, or PDF (max. 2 pages)
  • Minimum allowed size: 1 KB for PDF, 100 KB for other formats
  • Maximum allowed size: 4 MB

Refer to our document upload guide below:

This is the document upload guide

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