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Order Management

Learn how the Adyen payments add-on implements the Order Management system.

Payment Pending

For payments using cards with 3D Secure authentication or local payment methods, the add-on places the order with a PAYMENT_PENDING status. This status will be removed as soon as the authorisation is finished.

In cases where the payment is abandoned or the authorisation is not received, the order status is updated to PROCESSING_ERROR after a certain period. By default this period is 60 minutes. You can configure this period in the dynamic order process definition file:

  1. In the extension you are using (adyenv6fulfilmentprocess or adyenv6ordermanagement), find the order-process.xml file.
  2. Update the timeout delay value and save the file.

    <wait id="waitForAdyenPendingPayment" then="checkPendingOrder">
        <timeout delay="PT60M" then="checkPendingOrder"/>


If you have configured an automatic capture using the Hybris back office, we capture your payment automatically. However, if you prefer a manual capture flow you need to send a capture request before the authorisation expires.

Some payment methods do not support manual capture. Your capture flow settings in Hybris should match the capture settings for your merchant account in your Customer Area.

The add-on provides an implementation of the de.hybris.platform.payment.commands.CaptureCommand for capturing payments. 

Using adyenCheckCaptureAction, you can check if the capture of a payment has been completed. 
You can expect the following states:

  • OK – Payment was captured
  • NOK – Capture failed
  • WAIT – Waiting for capture completion (listening to the AdyenCaptured event)


The add-on provides an implementation of the de.hybris.platform.payment.commands.VoidCommand to cancel the payment, if required. This command uses our cancelOrRefund API call and refunds the payment. 


This extension provides an implementation of the de.hybris.platform.payment.commands.FollowOnRefundCommand to refund a payment.

You can integrate AdyenCancelOrRefundAction to check if a refund is complete. You can expect the below states:

  • OK – Payment was refunded
  • NOK – Refund failed
  • WAIT – Waiting for refund completion (listening to the AdyenRefunded event)