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Salesforce Commerce Cloud - B2C Commerce and Quick Launch

Use Adyen Payments Cartridge to offer payments online, in-app, and in-store.

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Learn more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Quick Launch in our Partner Directory.

The Adyen Payments Cartridge - B2C Commerce and Quick Launch is a full payment solution for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecommerce site. One integration gives you access to all features of the Adyen payments platform, including all global and preferred local payment methods, recurring payments, risk management, and conversion optimization. 

The cartridge can be used with:

  • Commerce Cloud's Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) 
  • a controller-based SiteGenesis
  • Deprecated a pipeline-based SiteGenesis

For a list of frequently asked questions, refer to our FAQs.

Quick Launch

Adyen is certified as an official Quick Launch solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Commerce, reducing training and implementation time. When setting up the Payments Cartridge, follow our documentation for SFRA users.


  • Credit cards: accept credit card payments on your website and mobile application, without redirecting to an external website. Sensitive cardholder data is collected securely using our Card Component, which reduces your PCI DSS-compliance requirements.
  • Dynamic 3D Secure 2 authentication, including AVS checks.
  • Native 3D Secure 2: perform 3D Secure 2 authentication in your website or mobile app.
  • Local payment methods: accept local payment methods including iDEAL, Klarna, Google Pay, and many others.
  • Express payment methods: accept payments with Amazon Pay Express and Apple Pay Express.
  • POS payments: accept in-person payments at the point of sale using payment terminals.
  • Tokenization: offer returning shoppers a faster checkout experience by saving their card details, or implement recurring contracts for transactions that occur on a non-fixed schedule.
  • Revenue Protect: use our risk management system to identify and block fraudsters, while reducing friction for legitimate shoppers.
  • Adyen Giving : allow shoppers to donate to a chosen nonprofit at checkout. This feature is available with card payments and iDeal payments.
  • Endless Aisle : allow shoppers to place ecommerce orders in your store or other physical location.
  • Gift cards: allow shoppers to redeem multiple gift cards in one transaction or make a partial payment with the gift card and pay the remaining amount with a different payment method.

Supported versions

V18 - V21 will reach end of cartridge support in 2023.
- For SFRA, we recommend upgrading to the latest version.
- For SiteGenesis, we recommend upgrading to version 22.2.3.
Check our FAQ for more details.

This documentation reflects the latest version of the cartridge. You can find the latest version on GitHub.

Our plugin supports SFRA versions 5 and 6.

We may be unable to provide support if you are not using the default Salesforce checkout. We do not recommend customizing the plugin, because this could make it harder to upgrade and maintain your integration.
If you decide to customize your integration, we recommend that you:

  • Keep track of the custom code added to your integration.
  • Create an issue on GitHub if you want to suggest a new feature for the plugin.
  • Follow the customization best practices outlined in our Customization guide.

SFCC cartridge support levels

We provide three levels of cartridge support for major versions:

  • Level 1: Full cartridge support.
  • Level 2: High priority cartridge bug fixes and security updates.
  • Level 3: Cartridge security updates only.

After Level 3 support ends, a cartridge reaches end of cartridge support.

We have different support schedules for SFRA and SiteGenesis integrations:

SFRA cartridge support schedule

Major version Release date Level 1 support until Level 2 support until Level 3 support until
V18 April 2018 30 September 2023 30 September 2023 30 September 2023
V19 July 2019 30 September 2023 30 September 2023 30 September 2023
V20 July 2020 31 December 2023 31 December 2023 31 December 2023
V21 August 2021 31 December 2023 31 December 2023 31 December 2023
V22 May 2022 31 December 2023 31 May 2024 31 December 2024
V23 February 2023 12 months after release 18 months after release 24 months after release
V24 Soon — in development 12 months after release 18 months after release 24 months after release

All major releases later than V23 will follow the V23 support schedule.

End of cartridge support

We will continue to address security vulnerabilities and impactful compliance fixes, so that you can implement the required changes.

We are scaling down the amount of time that the Support Team provides for SFCC-related questions. After Level 3 cartridge support ends, we no longer provide:

  • In-depth technical assistance for the SFCC cartridge.
  • Cartridge bug fixes.
  • Minor security patches.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade to a later version. Otherwise, we consider the plugin to be your own custom integration.

PCI DSS compliance

Your PCI DSS compliance scope doesn't change, as long as you use one of Adyen's pre-built solutions in your SFCC integration, for example, Web Drop-in or Component.

Adyen SFCC cartridges v19.0.0 or later are compliant because they use Web Component to process and encrypt cardholder data.

If you made any customizations that change the way cardholder data is processed by the cartridge, you must validate your PCI DSS compliance.

Get started

Before you begin to integrate, make sure you have followed the Get started with Adyen guide to:

  • Get an overview of the steps needed to accept live payments.
  • Create your test account.

While you wait for your live account credentials, you can start integrating by using your test account: 

  1. Install the cartridge and import the metadata
  2. Only required if you are using SiteGenesis: Update your storefront code
  3. Set up the cartridge
  4. Set up the payment methods
  5. Use our test card numbers to make test payments for all payment methods that you want to offer.

Before going live, follow our go-live checklist to make sure you've got everything set up correctly.

If you are experiencing an issue with your integration, have a look at our Troubleshooting guide.

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