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Custom objects

If you want to migrate to a newer version of the Cartridge, see Migrating to version 20.1.0.

To inform your Commerce Cloud store of payment status changes, Adyen uses notifications , sent as HTTP callbacks (webhooks) to endpoints on your server. Notifications are queued in Commerce Cloud as custom objects to be processed by scheduled jobs. 

For each order that results in a payment attempt, the payment results are available in the following fields: 

  • PSP reference – Adyen's 16-character string reference associated with the transaction/request. This value is globally unique; quote it when communicating with us about this request. This value is also a link between the Commerce Cloud order and the Adyen payment.
  • Payment Method – The type of the payment method used.
  • eventCode – Indicates which payment event has occurred. For example: AUTHORISATION, CANCELLATION, REFUND. For more information, refer to Event codes.
  • Amount – the amount paid.