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Upgrade the cartridge

To stay up to date on the released fixes and features, subscribe to our releases on GitHub.
We recommend that you upgrade when we have a major release, such as 21.1.0.
We do not provide support for cartridge versions earlier than 19.1.0.
The integration effort involved in upgrading depends on whether you have made any customizations to the cartridge.

  1. Check which SFRA version is required for this upgrade and migrate if necessary. We recommend you use the highest available version of SFRA.
  2. Download the Adyen cartridge version that you want to install from GitHub.
  3. Reupload the metadata:
    1. Download the installation package on our GitHub page. 
    2. Open the package/metadata/site_import/sites/ folder.
    3. Rename the yourSiteId folder to the ID of your site in the Business Manager.
    4. Zip the site_import folder. 
    5. In the Business Manager, go to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export and import the zipped file.
  4. Run to following command from the root directory to transpile, compile and upload the compatible, auto-generated code:
    npm run build