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Use the menus on the terminal

Manage passcodes and use the Settings and Transactions menus on the terminal.

Your Android payment terminal has a menu with options related to payments, and a menu with options related to configuration. The access to some menu options is protected by passcodes.

Payment terminal menus

Menu/Button Description Access

  • Device info: view information about the payment terminal, like the serial number, software and configuration versions, and store details. Update the software version (requires passcode).
  • Network: enable and configure network connections. Enable airplane mode.
  • Config: view the installed configuration version. Update the configuration.
  • Display: adjust the screen brightness.
  • Apps: overview of the apps on the terminal.
  • Device info and Display: no passcode required except for updating the software.
  • Network, Config, and Apps: Transactions menu passcode.

  • History: view transactions stored on the terminal. Re-print the merchant/shopper receipt for an approved transaction.
  • Totals: view and print a transaction totals report. Reset transaction totals.
  • New transaction: start various types of payments when used as a standalone terminal. Select the AID priority.
  • Standalone use: no passcode required.
  • Integrated setup: Transactions menu passcode.

  • No passcode required.

Manage passcodes

To view or update the passcodes for the Transactions menu and the Settings menu:

  1. In your Customer Area, go to Point of sale > Terminal settings or select a specific terminal.
  2. Select Passcodes.
  3. To view the passcodes, select Switch to decrypted mode.
  4. To update a passcode, enter the new value and select Save.
    The terminal downloads the new passcodes when it makes a maintenance call to our systems. This happens automatically every 180 minutes. The new passcodes then take effect when the terminal restarts. This happens automatically at the restart hour, which is usually set to 6:00 AM.
    To switch to the new passcode immediately: on the terminal, open the Settings menu with your old passcode and select Configuration > Update.

Airplane mode

For the airline industry the payment terminal has an airplane mode. When preparing for take-off, turning on airplane mode is the quickest way to turn off all cellular and other network connections on the terminal.

When you turn airplane mode off again, the previous connections are restored.

Enable airplane mode

To be able to use airplane mode, contact our POS Support Team and ask them to enable this feature. The Network menu on the terminal will then include an Airplane mode option.

Use airplane mode

To turn on airplane mode:

  1. On the terminal, select Settings > Network.
  2. Enter the passcode.
  3. In the Network menu, turn on the Airplane mode toggle.
    All connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular) are now Off.

To turn off airplane mode:

  1. On the terminal, select Settings > Network.
  2. Enter the passcode.
  3. In the Network menu, turn off the Airplane mode toggle.
    All previous connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular) are now restored.

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