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Access to menus on the terminal

Manage passcodes to access the Adyen and Settings menus on the terminal.

Your Android payment terminal has a menu with options related to payments, and a menu with options related to configuration. The access to some menu options is protected by passcodes.

Payment terminal menus

Menu/Button Description Access

  • Device info: View information about the payment terminal.
  • Network: Enable and configure network connections.
  • Config: View the installed software versions and hardware details such as the unique terminal ID. Remove the configuration. Update the software.
  • Apps: Overview of the apps on the terminal.
  • Screen brightness: Adjust the screen brightness by tapping this button:
  • Device info and Apps: No passcode required.
  • Network and Config: Transactions menu passcode.

  • History: View transactions stored on the terminal. Re-print the merchant/shopper receipt for an approved transaction.
  • Totals: View and print a transaction totals report. Reset transaction totals.
  • New transaction: Start various types of payments when used as a standalone terminal. Select the AID priority.
  • Standalone use: No passcode required.
  • Integrated setup: Transactions menu passcode.

  • No passcode required.

Manage passcodes

To view or update the passcodes for the Adyen menu and the Settings menu:

  1. In your Customer Area, go to Point of sale > Terminal settings or select a specific terminal.
  2. Select Passcodes.
  3. To view the passcodes, select Switch to decrypted mode.
  4. To update a passcode, enter the new value and select Save.
    The new passcode takes effect after the next automatic maintenance call. To switch to the new passcode immediately: On the terminal, open the Settings menu with your old passcode and select Configuration > Update.

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